New Project!

Hello all-

I apologize for so suddenly abandoning this blog over the summer. As summers at camp are wont to do, it got very busy, and it was hard to expend any energy outside of my camp focus.

And of course, when camp ended, after a short break, I set off for my final year of college in Claremont, California. Senior year has been a whirlwind of emotions and lots of time spent working on my honors thesis (which is what I’m actually supposed to be working on right now), as well as getting in as much dance as I can, while I’m still surrounded by such a great dance community (and not having to pay individually for classes).

Lastly, the other reason that I have not had much time for additional posts on here is that, over my winter break, I signed onto a new blogging project: The Daily Geekette. We are sort of a fandom/geek culture oriented site, with a feminist angle, and we’ve been in the process of a soft launch, finding new writers, etc. I am the TV editor and have weekly posts that go up (usually) on Mondays at 10AM Eastern. I would love if folks would come check us out! You can also like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. For the time being, that site (and finishing up my senior year!) will be where my energy is focused, but perhaps as my senior year starts to wrap up (and TDG gets into more of a rhythm), I will be able to start posting on here once more.

Until then, feel free to follow my posts over at The Daily Geekette, or my tweets.


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